A woman suffering from OCD tries to write a suicide note that takes into consideration every single loose end in her life.




In this shockingly dark but utterly poignant comedy from Alison Becker and Kimmy Gatewood, a depressed woman suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder wants to end her life. But when she begins to write her suicide note, she realizes there are far too many loose ends she’s leaving behind. She attempts to leave detailed instructions for taking care of every minute detail of her life until her suicide “note” soon turns into a massive binder of instructions and information.


This film explores the desire to have all of our affairs in order, to finish the to-do list, and to control every little aspect of our lives until we can relax. Of course, there will never be a time when everything is “done,” so those of us who strive for perfection are just setting ourselves up for disaster.


In “Control,” a woman tries desperately to exert control over every bit of her world even after she’s dead. As she prepares to take her own life and leave behind notes and instructions, her dog looks on with worry. Will she every get all of her ducks in a row enough to relax? Or enough that she feels she can end her own life?


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